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How to order
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Is this the same range of products that we can find on the website?
The HK Florist app contains the exact same range of flowers & gifts as on www.FarEastFlora.com.hk and is updated throughout the day to make stock availability and promotional price changes seamless and easy for users.

How often will it be updated?
Just as is the case with www.FarEastFlora.com.hk, content in the app updates as and when there are changes in products, prices, delivery date occurring throughout the day.

Is it free?
HK Florist can be downloaded free from iTunes Store and Ovi Store.

How can I provide feedback on SG Florist app?
We will love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any comments or wish list for future updates by emailing to info.hk@FarEastFlora.com or call (852) 2980 2277.

What are the policies like?
The same policies apply for both website and mobile purchases. You can refer to http://www.fareastflora.com.hk/terms for more details.

Send a gift to Singapore or Hong Kong

What does choosing Singapore or Hong Kong at the first screen means?
At the first screen, you will be able to choose to send a gift to Singapore or Hong Kong.

Tapping on Hong Kong will bring you to the full range of flowers & gifts that can be delivered in Hong Kong. Similarly, choosing Singapore will present you with gift ideas that can be delivered in Singapore.

In the event that you will like to switch from one country to another, you will need to restart HK Florist to bring you back to the first screen.


What is Surprise?
You can have fun with Surprise in the HK Florist app!

By shaking your phone, the screen will swirl and turn, landing you on pages with flower care tips, occasion tips, heartwarming quotes and even a chance for you to win a 20% discount on selected products. Try it!

So I´ve won something! How do I redeem it?
When you hear "You´re a Winner!", you know you´ve strike jackpot!

If you decide to redeem the prize, you will have to tap on the product, bringing you to the product details page. There, you´ll be able to select the delivery date to complete the order.

If you´ve decided not to redeem the prize, you can slide to unlock so that you can shake again for more tips and prizes.

Do note that you will be forfeiting the chance once you have unlocked.


How do I navigate through the products?
Under "Shop", you will be able to find products divided into "Flowers", "Gifts", "Gourmet", "Hampers" and "Plants", which is similar to what is displayed on our website.

Favorite occasions and new seasonal offerings can also be found under "Shop on the Go" to allow faster access and convenience to the users.

Within each categories, you can chose to display the products either as a list or lookbook format, sortable by latest products, lowest and highest price points.

With a gift selected, you will be able to view the description, important delivery information and the earliest delivery date before placing an order by tapping on them.

If I find a product I like, how do I share it?
Under the Product Details screen, you can tap on the "Share" button to send an email, post it on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter for all your friends to see!

How should I go about ordering a floral arrangement on SG Florist?
It can be easily done in 7 simple steps. Please see our app walk-through here.


What is the difference between logging in using my FEF.com account or as a Guest?
By using your FEF.com account for login, information like your recipients´ addresses will be saved online for easier future express checkout.

Of course, you can still chose to login as a Guest to save your time on-the-go!

Order Details

When I tab on "For Who" to chose my recipient, what does the 4 options mean?
The 4 options mean:

  1. For Self Collect: you will be making your way down to our office at M/F, Cambo House, 184 Prince Edward Road West, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong to collect your floral and gifts.
  2. For From iPhone: the recipient information are well available in your mobile sets and the name and address will be taken from your phone´s contacts.
  3. For From FEF.com account: You already have an online FEF.com account and your recipient´s information resides in the account.
  4. For Add New/Edit: You are sending to someone new!

Payment & Billing

What will I see if my payment is processed successfully through the app?
You will be presented with "Your transaction has been completed successfully." A Sales order no is also given for easier tracking of your order.

If payment did not go through successfully, we will get back to you shortly over the phone to confirm the payment details. Alternatively, you can also call us at (852) 2980 2277 for enquiries on your order status.


What is Wishlist?
Under the Product Details screen, you can choose to add individual products to your Wishlist.

You will be able to select a gift for your best pal pre-hand and schedule a reminder alert when the date nears.

Don´t worry though, we have not processed any order unless you chose to add this to your shopping bag and proceed on with the rest of the steps to order!


How do I contact FarEastFlora.com?
Under Info, you can scroll down and find us on Google Mapto get to us, call us directly by clicking on the phone number or tab on our email to send us an enquiry immediately.

Did not manage
to find what
you are looking for?
Please email us at info.hk@FarEastFlora.com and we´ll try to get back to you as soon as we can!

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