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Valentine's Day Flowers

Love is all you need. Declare your unwavering love this 14 February with our Valentine’s Day Collection! This year, the collection features beautiful bouquets of farm-fresh Roses, Lilies and Tulips. Hand-arranged with love and meticulously checked for quality before they leave our premises, each hand bouquet will bring sun-shiny smiles to your Valentine.

Whether it is the classic red, sweet pink or unique cappucino roses bouquet, we’ve got something amazing in this collection for your sweetheart. And if you are looking for a wholesome gift, simply pair it with a cuddly plush, or a classic box of decadent chocolates! Place your order early and rest assured that we will have your messages of love and smiles promptly delivered to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy up to 15% OFF flowers from our Valentine's Day collection for orders before 14 Feb. Do note that flowers will arrive anytime between 9am - 7pm. 

這個2月14日, 讓我們的情人節系列代你宣告那永恆不變的愛吧! 經典的紅色、甜蜜的粉紅色或獨特的咖啡色花束, 配上可愛的毛絨公仔或美味的朱古力, 將你的愛意送給最愛的情人。


情人節2021(二月十號至十四號) 送貨安排

- 二月十號至十四號送貨只限指定​情人節花束(貨品編號HKVD-)

- 所有​情人節花束送貨時段為9am-7pm,不設指定時間

8 product(s)

8 product(s)