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Mid-Autumn Hampers

中秋送禮講求心意, 大方得體的生果禮籃, 讓收禮人銘記於心。累積53年佳節送禮經驗, 本公司 2019中秋送禮系列 採用著名美心及榮華月餅, 配上新鮮時令水果, 健康又有心思; 商務禮籃有歐洲葡萄氣酒, 南美紅酒, GODIVA朱古力, 官燕棧名貴食品等選擇。現已接受落單, 車隊準時送達全港各區工商大廈寫字樓及住宅。

9月13日前預訂可享有8折優惠。8月31日前訂購 可額外享有95折優惠.

Gather family and friends for a wonderful get together and a night of moon gazing, while enjoying mooncakes from our delightful range of Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers. This year’s Mid-Autumn hampers feature traditional and fusion flavored mooncakes from Wing Wah and Maxim accompanied by beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and crowd favorite snacks.

So skip the crowds and hassle of purchasing from a physical store this year and have one delivered to a family member, friend or business partner with our reliable same day delivery options! What’s more, enjoy 20% off for any order made before 13 September from our Mid-Autumn Festival Hamper range. 

Furthermore, for orders before 31 August, enjoy an EXTRA 5% off! Place an online order now.

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1-12 of 15